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Security Monitoring Service

«Tower» Security Group offers location’s and building’s security monitoring services with arming to the central surveillance desk.

After the contract confirmation we install all necessary equipment and than connect it to the central surveillance desk of a state-of-the-art level.

The alarm is generated in the case of alert and the signal immediately arrives to the central surveillance desk. The received information id given to a rapid response team, which will arrive to the accident site very soon and will block the accident site. If necessary, we’ll call for Police, Emergencies Ministry or Traffic Police.

Our rapid response teams can arrest a law breaker, and than give him in charge for further investigation and punishment.

Rapid response teams are equipped with firearms and modern defence equipment and communication tools. All our security guards passed specific trainings and physically fit.

The RRT cars are equipped with satellite tracking systems. It helps the duty officer to define the RRT location and send the nearest Team to the accident site.

We install our equipment in any kind of buildings – malls, shops, private houses and flats, ATMs, payment terminals. Our equipment and the professional skills of our specialists let us make all the kinds of installation and project works.

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  • Ivanovo 153003
    5-ya Pervomajskaya St., 23
    tel. (4932) 32-64-17, 32-64-23
    fax:(4932) 32-64-23
    e-mail: info@tower37.ru
  • Kineshma 155800
    Sovetskaya St., 43-B
    tel.: (49331) 5-60-20
  • Rodniky 155250
    microraion Gagarina, 15
    tel. (49336) 2-54-63
  • Shuya 155900
    Malakhiya Belova St., 15
    tel. (49351) 4-14-70
  • Vichuga 155331
    Leningradskaya St., 19 B
    tel. (49354) 2-24-95

  • Komsomolsk 155900
    Zayceva St., 11
    tel. (4932) 32-64-13
  • Teykovo 155040
    Pershinskaya St., 42
    tel. (4932) 32-64-23
  • Furmanov 155520
    Sovetskaya St., 18
    tel. (4932) 32-64-23
  • Privolzhsk 155550
    Revolutsionnaya St., 63, office 1
    tel. (4932) 32-64-23
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